Education Consultant Job Description

Education Consultant Job Description
Education Consultant Job Description

An education consultant is an independent consultant who assists organizations and parents with educational planning. An EC provides similar services to school psychologists, but generally is not employed directly by public schools, while school psychologists are generally employed by private schools or by out-of-state university consultants. An Education Consultant provides personalized educational planning and counseling to families, students, teachers and other educators. Most Education Consultants provide personalized consulting services that conform to the high standards of research and practice in the education field. While most Education Consultants is employed in public schools, many offer private school counseling as well.

A self-employed Education Consultant is essentially an independent researcher. This type of Education Consultant has a variety of educational background and focuses on one particular area. An Education Consultant working within a state public school will have additional responsibilities associated with their employment, such as conducting surveys and providing consultation to educators within the classroom. A self-employed Education Consultant can work in private practice, helping individuals and organizations to plan their educational programs. A professional education consultant is not required to take any formal education courses or licensing in the area of child development; however, some education consultants choose to participate in formal education or developmental courses or programs, either on a part-time or full-time basis. An Education Consultant can work at any time during the day or night – even on weekends – provided they remain current with their educational literature and keep up to date with new research findings on child development.

The education consultant salary varies according to their location and experience. Consultants with a master’s degree earn more than those with a bachelor’s degree. Education Consultants with a doctoral degree earn more than those with an associate’s degree. Education Consultants is working in public schools earn higher salaries than those who work for private organizations. Most education consultants start out as entry-level aides, working directly with students and teachers to help them construct and complete educational programs. As education consultants continue to work and gain experience, the higher salaries generally follow.

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